Try New things by Adding Alcohol in Your Dish

For anyone who runs a cafe, bar or restaurant, the process of getting a permit to serve alcohol in Texas can be a complex one. The laws regarding the TABC permit, which allows a company to legally serve alcohol, are complicated, and they are different in different cities, which can make the process even more complex. That’s why even knowing how to get an alcohol permit in Dallas TX doesn’t necessarily mean you will know how to get one for a business in Austin. Such are the responsibilities that come with owning a business. For many business owners, the months before getting every detail in place in order to be ready for opening day are hectic and very busy, yet for a restaurant, this is the same time when a permit to serve alcohol must be applied for. If it all sounds pretty complicated, it is.

The Economic Reality of Serving Alcohol

Why do cafe and bar owners go to all the trouble of getting an alcohol permit? The reality is that having a license to serve alcohol can make a huge difference in the profits at a company. Being able to offer drinks allows restaurants to enjoy a large profit margin, much more than just serving food. Alcohol service can also bring in a larger customer base, so it makes a lot of sense to go ahead and get a permit. It’s crucial to have a permit, of course, as serving alcohol comes with a lot of responsibility.


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