Benefits and Cons of a Life Estate

Benefits and Cons of a Life Estate

If you’re thinking about buying a home, but don’t want to deal with the financial burden of a mortgage in the future, consider purchasing a life estate. A life estate deed gives partial ownership of a property to an heir when the parent who set up the trust passes away. This is especially useful for couples who want to live together but don’t want marriage or for people who have passed away and left behind debt.

Complete control over home

A life estate gives you complete control over a home. If you own a life estate, no one can sell, rent or change the property without your permission. You can live in the home as long as you want to and have complete control over its upkeep and maintenance.

This type of ownership also means that if any disputes arise between co-owners (such as when one person wants to sell while another doesn’t), they’ll need court approval before doing so because they don’t have full rights over the property’s use or sale price

Enjoying full use of home while alive

Life estate is a type of property ownership that allows an individual to enjoy full use of their home while alive. The owner has complete control over their property, which allows them to do whatever they want with it. For example, they can sell it or rent it out if they wish!

No more than two parties can own the property

Only two parties can own the property.

If there …

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